Buying, Selling or Investing in real estate?

What to consider when buying a home

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Buying a home can be the most important investment of your lifetime. There are several key factors you may want to consider before buying a home. From the time to obtain the pre-approval, work through the due-diligence period, to the closing date, a Real Estate Professional could make this a worthwhile experience.

What to consider when selling a home

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There are some fundamental steps to make when selling a home; such as determining the right price, preparing your home for a successful showing, advertising it, preparing disclosures and much more. Working with a real estate professional could make this event less stressful and more rewarding .

IRAs and real estate investments

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Investing Self-directed IRA funds in real estate is possible. For those who want to diversify their investment, this could be a profitable option. Always consult with a professional to better understand the IRA Rules and Regulations on the steps to follow when investing in Real Estate IRAs.

Protect yourself when buying a home

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When buying a home it is strongly recommended that you read and keep a copy of all documents you sign. Also, have  the home inspected by a certified and insured home inspector. Additionally, purchasing an owner's insurance, title insurance and home warranty can provide a great protection on your investment.

Protect yourself when selling a home

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There are some some things to keep in mind before you put your home on the market. For example, get familiar with the disclosure obligations you have as a seller. It is strongly advised that your home is shown by a real estate professional and that you remove your valuables ahead of time. Please check our links below for a thorough form on this subject.

Helping Clients Who Inherited a Property

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Dealing with an inherited home and the Probate process (filing Letters of Administration, wait for creditors to be paid, and so on) can be time consuming as well as emotionally exhausting. Selling the inherited property is not a job that also has to be  done by the heirs. A real estate professional can ease some of this sorrowful and difficult event by taking care of the tasks of selling this home.

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